Audits / Financial Statements:


  • The New York State Comptroller’s most recent audit of the Village of Brookville was submitted in June 2015. It can be viewed at he New York State Comptroller’s web site or you can obtain a copy here.
  • An earlier audit was submitted on May 6, 1996. The Comptrollers web site does not archive audits that far back.
  • An even earlier audit was submitted on November 6, 1989. While it was not made available online, we have posted a scan of the printed audit:
  • The Comptroller also released a compilation of statistical data for all of the villages in New York State (Comptroller’s Special Report On Local Government Finances, Village Data For Local Fiscal Years Ended in 2002, Released June 2004). We have posted a copy here, as the Comptroller tends to remove such items from his web site after a few years. We keep them indefinitely.

Village budgets and other financial statements are available directly from the Village Clerk/Treasurer (address below).
Persons who experience difficulty in obtaining public documents from the village “records access officer” are urged to contact this organization. While we are not always successful in obtaining documents ourselves, we can point you in the direction of some necessary resources. Here is an account of some problems that we have experienced when attempting to obtain ostensibly public documents from the Incorporated Village of Brookville. Here is another account. Here is the written legal opinion described in the foregoing account. Here are some notes on the general topic of corruption in the government of the Incorporated Village of Brookville during the Goodwin / Galgano era.




Contact the Village Clerk for the date, time and voting-booth locations. Persons who are interested in running for office as insurgent candidates should feel free to contact this organization. We will give you every possible assistance in setting up a campaign organization and in running an organized, effective campaign that has a realistic chance of success.


Public Meetings:


Meeting notes were taken by representatives of the Village Residents Party. The Village Residents Party is not affiliated in any way with the government of the Incorporated Village of Brookville (VOB).

Official minutes are available from the Village Clerk, the Village of Brookville’s “Records Access Officer,” in accordance with the New York State Freedom of Information Law. To obtain copies of those minutes (or any other village-level official documents), contact:
Village Clerk, Inc. Village of Brookville, 18 Horse Hill Road, Brookville, New York 11545
(516) 626-1792
(516) 626-0973

In addition, tape recordings were made (by the VRP) of almost all of the meetings for which we have notes. The Village of Brookville has made some recordings, as well. Although the Village of Brookville does not normally record Board of Trustees meetings, it has made recordings and written transcripts of scheduled, formal meetings of the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Planning Board and certain other “special” meetings.

Consistent with our objectives in the area of village government accountability, VRP-produced notes include the names of all government officials, whether elected or appointed. We also include the names of any organizations or corporations that were mentioned at these meetings. However, it is the policy of the Village Residents Party to omit the names of ordinary residents, in the interest of privacy.

Meeting Notes