Special Events

An effective organization is best remembered by its special events


The Village Residents Party will host the next Village Social Hour. Whether that arrangement will be temporary or permanent has not yet been determined. We plan to hold it in October 2024, but detailed arrangements have not yet been finalized.  

The Village Social Hour was the best known and best attended local community event. Over the years, the event was held at a number of locations, including the Tam O’Shanter Club, the de Seversky Center, the Harrison House Conference Center in Glen Cove, Planting Fields and several other venues. We will try to obtain and post some of the old photos.

It was held in the fall, within a few weeks of election day. We could always count on a good turnout of elected officials, as they saw it as a good campaign opportunity. The residents appreciated the rare treat of socializing with their neighbors. Sometimes, the host venue generously donated food and staff. Sometimes, there was live music. It was a signature event and we hope to bring it back on the same scale.

Originally, the entire Village of Brookville was invited and the event was known as the “All Village Social Hour.” As the original host organization expanded into Upper Brookville and then Old Brookville, the roster became too long to invite everyone. At that point, only dues-paying members of the host organization were invited. Needless to say, an invitation to the social hour was highly desirable and helped fuel the host organization’s membership growth, during those years.

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Other Events


Political Events

Ultimately, the Village Residents Party is a political action committee (PAC). Our supporters receive notification of political events well in advance of the date.


Special Meetings

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Please let us know if you will attend one of our events. Tell us how many persons you will bring. That way, we can be sure of having the right number of seats, the right amount of food, etc.