VRP Archives re: Post College / LIU

November 20, 1995

Dr. David Steinberg
Long Island University
Greenvale, New York 11548

Dr. Steinberg:

This is in response to the phone message from Gail Allen, of your office. I have requested to speak with you personally for a simple reason: in the past, during the permit process for various Post/LIU projects, this community has received a wide range of assurances from Post’s attorneys and Post’s various “public affairs” representatives. Most of these assurances did not survive past the receipt of the desired permits. In order to do anything other than conclude that this present proposal is similarly hostile to the best interests of this community, the management of this organization must be convinced that, this time, the situation is, in fact, different.

We assume that the attorneys will tell us what the attorneys have always told us. Thus, we place a low priority on further discussions with them. Further, I hope that I am not being oversensitive, but perhaps you can see that I might perceive evasion in my being shunted off onto an underling. If we are to be convinced that there has been any change at all to the status quo, such an assurance can only come from you, personally.

By the way, we just sent 1822 copies of a letter on this subject to the residents of Brookville, Upper Brookville, Old Brookville and Old Westbury. They should arrive today or tomorrow. You might want to take a look at a copy.