VRP Archives re: Post College / LIU

Call to Dr. Steinberg, President of Long Island University


November 11, 1986, 8:50 AM

I called him at 299-2501, he answered the phone himself.
I congratulated him on LIU’s 60th anniversary.
I explained that I had been asked to call and inquire about the newly erected sign at the West Gate. He stated that plans were in motion to change the sign. He had no details about the new sign or when it would be in place. I stated that complaints had centered on the size, proximity to the road and generally commercial appearance of the sign.
He requested a letter spelling out our “various and sundry” objections and stated that he knew very little about the matter, as it “has not been my highest priority.”



Follow up: several months later, the sign was modified to a different background color that was supposed to “tone it down.” There was no change in the size, location or amount of illumination directed upon the sign.

For reference: our claim that Post’s sign violates local zoning is corroborated by the Code of the Village of Brookville, which can be viewed and copied at the (Village of Brookville) Village Clerk’s office:

§ 61-2
§ 218-2
§ 218-39, especially § 218-39 B
§ 218-42
§ 218 37-44

and various other sections of the Village Code. The citations above are listed to provide a “starting point” for anyone wishing to research the matter.

It should be noted that § 218-35 applies specifically to clubs (like the various county clubs or tennis clubs in the area) and clearly would not apply to a college or university.