VRP Archives re: Post College / LIU

January 14, 1997

Dr. David Steinberg
Long Island University
Greenvale, New York 11548

Dr. Steinberg:

This letter is being sent to formally propose the creation of a committee that would consist of representatives from Long Island University and from a number of locally based organizations. Its purpose would be the improvement of communications between LIU and the local community.

It is our belief that improved communications would provide mutual benefits. We feel that many of the disputes between LIU and the community that have occurred over the past few decades have resulted from an imperfect understanding of what the community considers to be in its own vital interest. This includes the determination to protect and preserve its semi-rural way of life, the determination to keep commercial development out of the villages and the determination to protect the local residential property values. We feel that the existing governmental structures may not have adequately communicated community sentiment to you. We suspect that the recent outpouring of community sentiment vis-à-vis the proposed hockey arena may have come as a surprise to you. At the very least, it contradicts your stated claims of good community relations.

We also believe that Post/LIU must make a good faith effort to meet the community half way. We continue to regard your continued refusal to speak with a representative of this organization as an affront, an insult and an indignation, not only to this organization, but to its supporters. If Post/LIU is determined to deal with its opponents only in government meeting rooms, hearing rooms and court rooms, then your present course of action makes sense. If you have any desire to find common ground and gain broad community support for your legitimate expansion requirements – those that pertain to the ostensible functions of a university, then you are clearly following the wrong course.

We anxiously await your carefully considered reply.